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This site is fan's website of Trumpeter's kits. In our site, there isn't connection with Trumpeter company.

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Type96 WAPC by. Takashi Yamane 17.Jan.2017 UP

KV-1 mod.1941 by. Jorge Esteve Amoros 25.Dec.2016 UP

Type87 RV by. Andres Ocampo Arango 03.Nov.2016 UP

M46 Patton by. Takashi Yamane 21.Eeb.2016 UP

T-72 M4CZ by. Takashi Yamane 03.Jan.2016 UP

JSU-152K by. Eiji Sakamoto 26.Dec.2015 UP

Type96 WAPC by. Mitsuhiro Matsuda 02.Aug.2015 UP

Type87 RV by. Mitsuhiro Matsuda 02.Aug.2015 UP

SU-152 Late by. Eiji Sakamoto 29.Mar.2015 UP

M1117 "Guardian" by. Takashi Yamane 07.Dec.2014 UP

Sovremenniy Class Destroyer type956 Kit Review

トラペのキットの接着に関する考察 (掲示板のスレッドより抜粋)

This site is a salon for fellows loving a Trumpeter's kit.
Anybody loving a plastic model has a qualification to participate in this salon.
This site is administered by Modeller common and doesn't have connection with Trumpeter company.
If you have opinion and wishes about Trumpeter's product, post it to official site of Trumpeter company.